11 Cheap Cures for a Cluttered Kitchen

We pack a lot of life into our kitchens—but a lot of stuff as well. Without proper storage solutions all that stuff can take over the cabinets, counters, and the fridge. Take back your space with some very cool—and very affordable—kitchen storage solutions.

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  1. Throw in the Towels


    Make room for everyday meal prep by moving your paper towels out of the way—and out of sight. Hung on the back of the cabinet door, this chrome rack keeps a roll accessible for spills and splatters, meaning it won’t compete with cutting boards or the all-important coffeemaker for valuable kitchen real estate any longer. Available on Amazon; $7.
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  2. Shelf Help


    Double the storage behind cabinet doors simply by sliding hanging baskets over each existing plank in your pantry. Their simple design enhances adjustable and non-adjustable wooden shelves alike, finally filling the wasted vertical space above a collection of short food cans or stack of plates. Available on Amazon; $19 for two.
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  3. Get a Grip


    The fridge, for many households, is a convenient destination for notes, reminders, and greeting cards from Not so convenient is the clutter that your icebox memo board brings to the kitchen. Tame the mess with a sleek, magnetic fridge organizer that’s long and sturdy enough to hold all of your important stuff in one place. Available on Amazon; $24.95.
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  4. For Good Measure


    Good cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, and neither does kitchen storage. Press down, and these collapsible measuring cups shrink down to fit into any crammed cabinet. And since they’re made of non-stick silicone, the entire set is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Available on Amazon; $12.87 for four.
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  5. Drawer Dreams


    Maybe this sounds familiar: Seemingly as soon as you unpack from a trip to the market, the built-in drawers in your refrigerator get packed to the brim—so packed that they’re difficult to open and close. Have you ever wished there were additional storage compartments at your disposal? Here’s an easy way to make your dream of more drawers come true. Simply retrofit your fridge with pull-outs that fit snugly over the shelves, giving you extra spaces to put the loose items threatening to clutter the main compartment. Problem solved! Available at Amazon; $11.60 each.
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  6. Two Birds


    Oh, the joy of killing two birds at once: Free up space where you need it most—on your countertop surfaces (or in your cabinet drawers—while keeping your everyday kitchen knives within arm’s reach. It’s as simple as mounting a magnetic knife holder like this one. Place the strip in whatever position would be most convenient for your cooking habits, be it adjacent to the stove, behind the sink, or on the side of the refrigerator. Available at Amazon; $16.90.

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  7. Stack Attack


    Plastic storage containers are a necessary evil of the kitchen. While we need them to house our leftovers and lunches, its almost impossible to keep each base matched with the proper lid—not to mention finding a successful organization strategy for inside the cabinets. Eliminate the madness with these classic versions from Rubbermaid. Not only are they shaped to hold maximum food in the smallest amount of space, but they also boast easy-find lids that snap together as well as on their specified containers. A clear cabinet has never been so easy (or inexpensive). Available on Amazon; $19.
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  8. Turn a New Leaf


    Spices, condiments, and other cooking ingredients can get lost in tall cabinets or deep in corners. Enter the lazy Susan, which serves as a rotating shelf that allows you to quickly and painlessly locate everything you need. This Crazy Susan Turntable is made with corner cabinets in mind, and features slide-out shelves to make access even easier. Available on Amazon; $22.
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  9. Divide and Conquer


    Hailed as the champions of conquering clutter, there’s no better way to corral a drawer than with adjustable dividers. Snap a few in place to keep utensils organized and at hand, or use a few to delineate writing utensils, keys, or other little extras in the junk drawer. Whatever your method, their low price tag and streamlined results will save you some sanity next time you’re ruffling around for a spatula. Available on Amazon; $17.
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  10. Rinse and Fold


    The only time that colanders are convenient is when they’re being used to rinse fresh fruits and vegetables or to strain pasta. The majority the time, however, these essential tools are taking up precious real estate on a shelf or cabinet. Never so with these 8- and 9.5-inch silicone colanders that fold into flat discs that can be hung on the wall, or slid into a kitchen drawer when not in use. Available on Amazon; $9.99 for two.
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  11. Put a Lid on This


    One of the home cook’s greatest challenges comes before dinner’s even on the stove: Where’s the lid for this pan? When finding exactly what you need in a cluttered cabinet becomes a chore, it’s time for organizational intervention. This clever organizer is a great place to start. Its shelves can expand to fit lids or bakingware of varying sizes, making dinner prep a whole lot easier. Available on Amazon; $15.99.
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