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How Realtors Can Help When Buying Newly Built Homes

As Your New Home Realtor I can:

  • Negotiate concessions on the Sale,
  • Help select the property (location, size and style)
  • Suggest which features (and extras) will add value and which won’t
  • Identify which extras can be done afterwards possession (usually for 1/3 of the cost) and which cannot
  • Identify which features will hurt the resale of your home
  • Find out information that the average purchaser cannot such as previous sale amounts
  • Compare the builders product with current properties for sale (sometimes a resale home can be a better value than the one being sold by the builder)
  • Provide unbiased information about the builder
  • Assist you with the Home Warranty Program
  • Provide access to specialists in the type of property you are considering (condo Lawyer vs House Lawyer)
  • Assist in arranging financing though my network of banking specialist
  • Assist in finding local trades to perform work after possession is taken
  • Be a third party and sounding board for questions
  • Provide you with local information on schools, businesses, possible future development that may affect your home etc.